Why Fall Cleaning Is Just As Important As Spring Cleaning!

Getting your home in order for the upcoming school/work year is essential to keep a clear mind, and a decluttered living space. Over the summer, many of us vacation to the beach, go shopping, or have visitors come in town. All of these activities will clutter up your living space, and bring dirt into your home without you even noticing!

Coming home from the beach tracks sand into your home, and your beach bag gets full of sand. Clean this mess by vacuuming your entire home, especially the entry way. Clean out your beach bag, and dump all the sand outside. Track down all of your beach towels, and load them into your washing machine. Then store them in your linens closet.

Who doesn’t love shopping? Summer is a great time for everyone to revamp their wardrobe, and take advantage of Labor Day sales. After getting home with your new purchases, you’ve got more clutter instantly. The shopping bags that sit in your room for weeks, the plastic tags ripped off on your floor, and the closet space that suddenly became squished. All of these things will make for a dirty cluttered living space. Clean it up by tracking down all of your clothing tags and throwing them away. If you still have shopping bags sitting around, hold on to them for now because the next step is to purge what you can part with from your closet to free up space for your new purchases.

Visitors are a great treat whether it’s family or friends it is always fun to host your loved ones. However, once they leave it’s time to clean up after them! Track down any belongings they may have left behind, and save them for your friends for the next time they’re in town or for shipping. Gather all sheets, blankets, and pillows used by your friends/family and put them in the wash or linens closet to get them out of the way. A good practice of hosting friends is to give your living space a good cleaning before they arrive to save yourself time in the long run.

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