What Not to Store, and What to Store Safely

At some point you may have to store important business or financial documents in addition to electronics like hard drives, laptops, computers, cameras or even musical instruments. Electronics are particularly vulnerable to moisture as well as heat. So if you think you might need to access to a hard drive in the future, don’t leave it sitting around your storage area like a coaster on a kitchen table. Store electronic goods such as electronics in boxes, containers or storage boxes that will protect your items from the potential elements.

One thing you shouldn’t keep in storage is a car battery. Potassium hydroxide can potentially leak out of the car battery. This is not a good thing. If it leaks, it can cause eye, skin or breathing irritation. It’s also wise to remove all batteries from any electronics. When not in use for an extended period of time, batteries are at risk for leaking.

And while it might seem obvious, it begs being mentioned: do not store flammable materials in your storage unit. No extra cans of gasoline, propane tanks that you think you might use for future backyard barbecues, chemicals, or even paint cans.

Please keep perishable food items or anything that can spoil out of your unit. You wouldn’t want your unit being infested with pests, would you?

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