Organizing Your Storage Unit

Moving things into a storage unit isn’t always the most exciting or fun project. It would be really easy to just throw everything in there and forget about it until you absolutely have to think about it again. However, while this may seem like the easy way out at the time, doing this will make it harder for you in the long run when you have to revisit the unit to unload it, or just get something small out of it!

Organization for your storage unit may take some time, but a clean, organized space will be well worth it in the end! So how do you organize your unit to maximize space and find thing quickly and easily?

  • Rent the right-sized unit for your needs.

There’s nothing worse than realizing as you load things into your storage unit that you’re quickly running out of space. Remember that old adage, “better to have too much                                  than not enough?” Yeah, that applies here. It’s god to have more space than you’ll need, than to quickly run out of room because you underestimated. If you talk with the                                    property manager, give them an idea of what you’re storing, how much, and the general size of things and they will help you estimate the right sized unit for your needs.

  • Plan out your storage

Always have a plan! Yes, even when throwing things in storage a plan is necessary. You don’t ever want to just go into it not caring where things go, or “you’ll figure it out when                        you get there.” You’ll need to strategize based on what you think you’ll need to access frequently, what you won’t be touching for a long time, and what the proper way to store                       certain items is. You may want to consider furniture/mattress covers to protect your things.

  • Pack items to be stored

After you figure out the best sized unit for your things, and have an action plan to have a neat and organized space, you’ll have to pack everything up to be put into storage.                               (Make sure you stick to that plan!) Store like-mattered things together in the same boxes, and then label those boxes appropriately and clearly so there is no confusion about                             its contents. Try not to load all of your heavy things into one box so that you can easily move and lift them without too much strain. Take care in wrapping breakables and                                   delicate items so they do not break. Make sure to pack your truck while keeping in mind the way you want items to go into your unit. That is, items you want at the front go                                 into the truck first.

  • Move your things into your unit

Large items should go into the back of your storage unit. Furniture, heavy/large boxes, and any big appliances can all go into the back – you won’t be moving those soon!                                    Lighter items get stacked on top, heavy items go toward the floors. Double-check to make sure boxes are sealed properly, labeled, and labels are facing where you can see                                    them.

  • Maximize space

Use all space available to you. If storing large appliances like ovens, dryers, or refrigerators, utilize the space inside to store smaller boxes and knick knacks easily misplaced. If                       you’re storing items in dresser drawers make sure they’re not too heavy and always tape outside to label what you’re storing in them. Don’t waste any space if you can help it!

  • Maintain organization

It may be wise to sketch out a little blue print of your unit and where items within it are located so that you have an easy way to locate things ahead of time. Make copies and keep                   one for yourself, and tape one inside the door of your unit or keep one in your car. If you decide to move things around at any time, be sure to make changes on your diagram.

Make sure you stay organized, and the stress of moving will disappear! As always, if you need any assistance, you can always ask your storage unit property manager for advice and assistance.


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