Moving Kit Items

Supplies to keep handy on moving day.

Moving Kit

Safety Items

Safety for you is important on moving day! Use work gloves to protect your hands, and sunscreen to protect your skin from unexpected burns.


Having your tool box handy will be invaluable on moving day. Helpful tools include: screwdrivers, wrenches, rope, bungee cords, scissors, and vise grips.

Packing Materials

While you’re packing up your belongings there are a few packing items that will make your life easier including: markers (we suggest black Sharpie), packing tape, sticky notes, and extra boxes.


You might need a lock for your moving truck while you’re in the midst of moving into storage, and you can transfer that same lock to your storage unit to keep your belongings secure.

Cleaning Supplies

Moving is very messy! It’s smart to keep basic cleaning supplies handy during your moving day so that you can clean up messes as you move. Make sure you have paper towels, a broom & dustpan, trash bags, and Windex.

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