Making Storage Space in the Home

No matter what the size of your home is, it always seems like there just isn’t enough space! Maybe you’ve thought of some ways to maximize space; bins under the bed, cramming things into your already packed storage closet, etc. But maybe you haven’t thought of these more creative, aesthetically pleasing ideas:

  • Install towel bars on the inside of your pantry door to store lids to pots and pans.
  • Attach mason jars to the underside of your storage shelves to create even more storage options and free up the shelf space!
  • How about you buy a tension rod to go inside your cabinet under your sink? What for? To hang your spray bottles from and free up space in the cabinet!
  • Got empty tissue boxes you just keep throwing away? Stick them to the inside of a cabinet for a place to store empty plastic grocery bags.
  • Have a baby in the house? Those empty baby food jars are also good storage for spices. Paint the top with a little chalkboard paint, write the name of the spice on it, and flavor up those dishes!
  • Install a window box in the bathroom instead of under the window and create towel storage for guests!

When you run out of creative ways to store things in your house, maybe it’s time to get a storage unit.


What do you do to maximize your space?

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