Let’s get Organized!

Raise your hand if you have a messy closet! “I do!”. Wait… I have multiple messy closets.

How to get organized within your closet that contains your clothes.

A. Use two baskets in your closet. One for dirty clothes and one for dry cleaning. Have the baskets be made out of plastics. Sometimes you get smelling clothes and you can rinse out your plastic baskets. Some wicker baskets hold the smell or you can’t clean them if you need too.

B. Color code your closet. what is that you ask?. Put all of your white shirts together, pink shirts, red shirts, etc. It is easier to find your clothes faster and to find out what you have. You could also sort your shirts from no sleeve, to short sleeve, to long sleeve. That way when you are ready to go somewhere, you can find your outfit in two seconds.

C. Separate your clothes by season. Move all of your out of season to another closet or put them on rack that is away from the current seasonal clothes.

D.  Hang ties, scarves, belts and ties on  a hanger or rack.


E. Use a shoe rack that will display your shoes. if you can’t see them, you won’t wear them. if you have seasonal shoes, you can move them to the closet that has your seasonal clothes.

F. If you have blankets or comforters that you aren’t using, put them in a closet separate from your clothes. You can use vacuum-sealed bags to give you more room in your linen closets or store the blankets under your beds to save on space.

G. Hooks, hooks and more hooks. you can hang your towels, bathrobes, clothes you only wear for an hour, hats, etc.

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