Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

Many people can’t wait to shove all their stuff away as quickly as possible into their storage unit and not have to think about it for a long, long time.

While it’s definitely tempting to cram and shove all your stuff so you can get on with your day, like, say, going to the bar, there’s a good chance you might have to come back to your storage unit much sooner than you think.

Maybe you didn’t think you’d need that boogie board you stowed away deep in the belly of your storage area, but your cousin from Iowa’s coming in town and her young son, Billy, really wants to catch a few waves in the shorebreak. So to save your cousin a few bucks, you do the right thing and go to your storage unit to get the boogie board.

You open the unit and it looks like a tornado tore through the place. You absent-mindedly and randomly just threw your stuff all over with no regard for the future. “Now where in the heck did I put that boogie board?” you ask yourself. In what could have been a 3-minute in-and-out easy-peasy procedure, you waste precious time digging for said boogie board.

If you’re not a tidy person, try to bring a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive friend who is a neat freak to help you arrange your stuff.

One day you’re going to have to clean out your storage area. You may as well make it a pleasant situation by keeping it somewhat neat and organized.

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