I have SO MUCH to do! and NO time to do it!

I need to get ready faster in the morning, so this is what I do to speed myself up!

First thing is first. Coffee…. aaahhhh. I make it the night before, so it can hit my lips in the morning. I have kids, so I make my kids their lunches the night before. It saves time in the morning.

Yes, I am compulsive. I color code my clothes in my closet. I have all of my white shirts together, pink shirts, red shirts, etc. It is easier to find my clothes and to find out what I have. I go a little crazier and sort my shirts from no sleeve, to short sleeve, to long sleeve. This way it is easier to grab and go!

I organize my makeup. I have my makeup laid out on a towel and just go in order of the makeup. Foundation, base, mascara, eye shadow, lip stick, and I am good to go.

I write down a list of items for my kids to do in the morning. This way, they check off the boxes and I am not raising my voice and telling them a hundred times. 1. Get dressed 2. eat breakfast 3. feed pets 4. brush teeth 5. pack backpack.

I have an “A List” that I have to do for the day, so I don’t forget or have to rush back home to grab something. I get the pleasure of scribbling out the completed task.

Last but not least, I keep my car keys in the same spot, so I never lose them.

Those are my tips… it helps me, hopefully it can help you too!

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