Getting Some Friend Help On Move-In Day

You’ve asked all your closest friends and your neighbors if they can help you move. So far, you’ve received the cold shoulder; lame excuses and maybe even some valid ones. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys moving. It’s a necessary evil and someone’s gotta do it.

Here are some ideas on how to encourage your friends to help you move….

Promising to take your friend(s) out for a nice sushi or steak dinner usually sweetens the deal.

You could also buy them gift cards to the movies. After all, who doesn’t like free movie tickets? Your friends’ time is valuable; they’ll likely be spending at least an hour of their precious time helping you move. So if you really want to go the extra mile, splurge on 2 passes to north San Diego County’s two coastal area luxury cinemas. It’ll only cost you $40. Isn’t that worth it to have a friend help you.

Better yet, hand the passes over to your friend right before you ask them for help. Don’t be sneaky about it, just say, “Hey, I could really use your help moving and I know how valuable your time is. So to say ‘thank you’ if you can help me out, I wanted to pass these luxury cinema tickets on to you.”

There’s a good chance your friend will say, “Of course I can help you. You didn’t’ have to buy me movie tickets. I would have done it anyways.”

But you know your friend is thinking, “Sweet! I can’t wait to use these tickets. Helping my friend move will be worth it!”

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