5 ways to get motivated to move into a storage unit.

1. Take the first step. What is holding you back? Write down everything that you need to move your items. what items are you going to move?  what day would you like to pack your items. what day would you like to move? Do you  have boxes and moving supplies? can you ask friends to help?

2. Take the first step. Call a storage facility near your home. Ask if they have moving supplies, a moving truck, or a dolly to make it easier to move your items. do you have to go up an elevator to get to your items or do they have ground level storage units? Ask the manager of the storage unit for a size recommendation for the items that you intend to store. Ask the best time to move your items into the unit. what is your access to your items stored? Does the storage unit have automatic monthly billing payments to make it easier to pay?

3. How badly do you want it? What can you do to get rid of all of your road blocks and excuses? Write down your excuses, then ask yourself, how bad do I want it? then get in touch with your desires and do it!

4. Make your “To Do” List. not to look at… to do it! Give yourself steps. Step 1: What items do you want to move? Step 2: what supplies do you need? Get colored labels to use for specific rooms in your home. blue for bedroom. yellow for kitchen. Collect boxes, tape, scissors, markers, so you have all of them together to accomplish the task. Step 3: Remove all distractions. No phone, TV, commit to getting it done. give yourself a time limit to complete your task and set the timer. Keep going and focus on your steps to get it done.

5. Move on your scheduled day. Get your friends, pizza and plenty of beverages to make the day fun and to complete your task.

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